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What Is The Best Property Management Service?


There are actually a lot of property management companies in the market today. And all of these companies will have their own fees and charges that you will pay for in order to get their services. But you need to know that the only property management companies that you need to hire are those companies that are free.


It is generally a fact that nothing is free but not in all areas. Every time it comes to free property management, this would mean that a company will provide more value to the property that it is handling. The owner of the property might not have the capabilities to reach that said value. That is why you need to know the value of good Property Management West Ashley . You can express value in a lot of terms like lower turnover, equity, higher rents, time, and lower maintenance costs. But time is the most important asset. That is because even if you have all the money in the world, you can still not enjoy them if you do not have the time.


A lot of rental property owners have a full-time job, family obligations, and a little time in managing their property. There are also some owners that will work for long hours in order to save money by not hiring the service of a property manager. But some research has proven that this practice in most cases will only allow the property owner to lose money and time.


As a matter of fact, time is actually money. And this will be the basis of this analysis. For example, one employee is paid 20 dollars per hour. The general price of property management services is around 10 percent of the collected rent. Now let us pretend that the owner owns two properties and each property is rented for $700. This means that $140 will be the fee for a professional property management service. That will equal to 7 hours of income for the property owner. So if the property management will take more time compared to 7 hours a month, or the property management will interfere with the work of the property owner, then it would be better for the owner to hire a professional property management company. To gain more knowledge on the importance of real estate, go to


That shows that you cannot save a lot of money if you will be managing your own property especially if you can use your time on the works that you are paid for. But the time analysis does not provide all the benefits of property management. There would be no property management companies if it is easy to manage a property.


efficiently and loses just one month of rental income, they would have lost enough money to pay for close to a full year of professional property management in many cases!

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